The Concept

Wherever in the world your production or your suppliers are, Boxon can guarantee - through the outsourcing concept Baghera - delivery of labels with variable information, distribution of profile labels, distribution of packaging and logistics labeling.

New brochure available

Our new brochure with the Baghera concept is now available in swedish and english. You can either request a printed version in swedish or english that we will send to you, our you can view the pdf version online.

Open the digital version here or request a printed brochure.


How it works

The core of Baghera is a web platform containing all article and item information updated in real time. Fast and accurate printing with precise layout, variable information and barcode is guaranteed since the printer operates through the web platform.

Baghera is an innovation that completely changes the way labels are managed. It is about exact number of labels and packaging of a consistent quality, delivered at the right time, to brand the products you have ordered, wherever they are made in the world.

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