Place everything to do with labels in the capable hands of Baghera.

Ask the question. Who will be responsible for labels?

Use your valuable time on your core business. See labels as a side function and delegate them to Baghera who deals with labeling as a main business.

We have established printshops in strategic sites around the world. From them we can supply your producers with article and price labels of consistent quality at the right time and in the right quantities. You know how much your labels will cost in advance.

You can also choose to take responsibility for part of your label production. 

Baghera can be responsible for handling labelling globally, but also set up a printshop at your own Distribution Centre or factory. Ordering systems still work in accordance with the simple, secure Baghera procedures and printing will be done with your own staff at your facilities.


With Baghera you also get full control of the cost of labels and systems according to the following model:

  • A fixed price per label supplied from the printshop 
  • A monthly cost for service, database and the Control Tower/Help Desk 
  • A one-off set-up cost at the start of a project