Protecting your Brand

All labels and packaging are the same - wherever they are produced. That is the main benefit offered by Baghera.

For brand owners, this means consistent labelling and packaging of products and goods. 

As a brand owner you have full control and confidence in the fact that the right number of labels are printed and delivered to the producer of your goods.

Baghera is transparent. Through a range of checkpoint you can follow your order direct in the Baghera system. When the order has been placed, the quantities delivered, who has received them etc. 

Baghera reduces or eliminates your costs incurred by relabeling because of incorrect or illegible bar codes, wrong prices, size or article numbers.

Baghera takes responsibility that the right quantity and quality of pre-printed basic labels are on the site of printing at the right time. 

It’s worth reviewing your range of labels

Focusing on the whole labelling concept usually brings added benefits. Often labelling has gone a bit out of hand and reducing variants of labels are often the outcome of a review of labels in the Baghera concept.