In Practice

Strategically located printshops.

Our unique print engine, which through the Internet provides our printshop with information about what shall be printed and how, ensures quality and fast deliveries. We are where our customers need us.


Baghera prints at the right time and place and delivers to your producer just in time. This means that you are able to make late adjustments in the label's information and also to adjust the ordered quantity.

Flexible - also for major changes

If you want to make major changes, such as to the layout, positioning of the bar code, or shape of the printout, this is done by Baghera and then placed in our database. Once the changes have been made, they can be accessed in real time by those involved around the world, and the old versions no longer exist.

Built in Security

The Baghera system is using SSL certification on it´s website. We use the most modern security features to keep you and your data safe. 

Depending of your login you will access the data agreed. The different roles in the system decide your graphical user interface and will give you the possibilities to see data and make relevant reports.