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Human rights

It is our responsibility as a company to guarantee our employees full compliance with human rights - this is our first and highest priority. Every employee receives the same opportunity, regardless of gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or age. 

But Boxon also has an important responsibility regarding our supply chain: wherever people are directly or indirectly affected by our business activities, we must be able to guarantee compliance with human rights. It is up to us to implement the appropriate mechanisms to ensure this and to maintain this compliance through close relationships and an ongoing dialogue, especially with our suppliers and business partners. 

Boxon is committed to respecting human rights for all employees and all people directly affected by our business activities. We share the values based on UN and International Labor Organization Conventions, which are summarized in the International Standard SA8000 by Social Accountability International. It is our responsibility to ensure these fundamental rights in our day-to-day business. 

Working safety policy 

Also working safety is of high priority within Human rights where Boxons overall goal is to achieve a good working environment, prevent accidents, and make sure our employees are feeling well. We strive to create meaningful and innovative jobs where our employees have a big influence. Job satisfaction is important for a good working environment and the goal is to create a pleasant work environment where all employees develop.


Human Rights
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