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Boxon CSR statement and goals

In 2020, Boxon has adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility statement where we commit ourselves to certain principles and goals. It defines our goals, that we want to achieve by 2025 and it is valid at all Boxon entities. 

Our goals 2025

In line with our CSR statement, we have set ourselves 3 mains goals that we aim to achieve by 2025. They are closely connected to our products and to our business activities. To fulfill these goals, we have built a functioning system, which includes all departments by following a set of key performance indicators.  



CSR goals for Boxon

These three main goals are:  

The first goal is based on the emissions that are caused by our business activities. We measure these emissions with the help of our independent partner myclimate on an annual basis. In this way we can follow-up on our performance and derive appropriate actions to reduce emissions at all locations.  

Boxon has developed a series of climate friendly packaging solutions, based on innovative materials from renewable sources or by compensating CO2 from production processes. We have a FSC certified label production and support climate protection projects. In the future, Boxon will continue to develop innovative and sustainable packaging products with an optimized ecological footprint. This is an integral part of our strategy. 

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