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Uniform label layout

AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven pharmaceutical company focusing on the research, development and marketing of prescription medicines. The company operates in more than 100 countries, and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients all over the world.


Customer challenge

AstraZeneca previously used inkjet printers to label its transport packaging items. But with the market’s requirement to include barcodes and 2D codes on transport packaging, they needed to look around for label applications.

After conducting a pilot study and looking at a beta version of Videojet 9550 in Belgium, they decided to choose Boxon as their supplier.


Boxon’s solution

In an initial stage, four printers were ordered, two for robot cells and two to be fitted on conveyors. In the robot cells, the box is retrieved by a robot, which then moves the box past the applicator, thereby applying the label to the box. On the conveyors, the applicator is part of the conveyor and labels the boxes along the conveyor.

The printers have the Clairsuite software, which works in a simple and reliable way through its default program. The operators enter the article number, and the program goes to the database to retrieve the information to be applied on each label. This means that the printers never hold any information and there is no risk of incorrect labelling.

Retrieving the information directly from the database ensures that the layout is always the same on each label, regardless of which line it is running on, something that could be a problem previously.

quote_37x26.png We received good support from Boxon right from the start in terms of information and suggested solutions, explains Stefan Ahlinder, Project Engineer Capital Projects at AstraZeneca.


AstraZeneca currently has 23 Videojet 9550 Print and Apply labellers at its factory in Gärtuna Södertälje. This solution is ideal in view of requirements in respect of serialisation and aggregation.

Videojet 9550 - Print & Apply

VJ 9550 uses the patented Direct Apply technology – meaning that the label is printed and applied as the product passes through the printer.

Traditional Print and Apply printers print the label before the product reaches the printer. This procedure involves a risk that the product might move or be replaced before labelling.

VJ 9550 guarantees that the right label ends up on the right transport packaging, and that it is both robust and reliable.

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