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Labels with an exciting effect for distillery

About Wet City Spirits

At Wet City Spirits we are Ombibulous. We see the merit in all drinks, and we enjoy every one of them. 

We're a distillery from the West Coast of Sweden. Our Spirits are distilled in Gothenburg using only the highest quality organic ingredients and bottled by hand. Our first two products are out now. Ombibulous is an Organic Gin for all occasions. Amicitia is an Organic Dry Gin to be enjoyed with friends.


Labels for distillery

How did it all start

When we founded Beerbliotek Brewery, we did it with the dream of doing something different. Brewing new beers every week, always. Now that almost seems the norm. 8 years on, and that dream is still alive. But it's a dream of doing something more. Over late nights, travel, and our love of flavors, we thought why not? Why only beer? We are Ombibulous. 18 months ago, we decided to examine the possibility of making a larger array of drinks. Since our first child has now grown up. It was time to extend the family. Wet City Spirits is born from our love of these things.

Sandwich Printing

The challenge and cooperation with Boxon

The collaboration with Boxon was great. Our labels and the effect we wanted on the bottles was different than what is on the market today.  From the start Mattias, Graphical Designer, has been exceptionally helpful, and exceptionally knowledgeable about what is possible.

We've for three artworks on the front and back label, and the effect of looking through the bottle to the label behind was difficult to achieve. But Mattias did not give up, and we did test after test after test, and ended up with a fantastic result.

"The technique of printing two sides of a label is called Sandwich Printing. In production we print on a transparent material, first a mirrored layer, which is then covered with white ink. After that the top layer is printed as normal.

When the label is applied to a glass bottle, you can see one image from the inside and a completely different design on the back" explains Mattias Johansson, graphic designer at Boxon.

quote_37x26.png  We sent the job out to multiple companies, and only Boxon was able to deliver something that we could work with. But in the end, we chose Boxon because of the help, research and service we received from Mattias. It was a pleasure working with him, says Darry De Necker, founder and creative manager at Wet City Spirits.



The first release from our Gothenburg distillery is a Gin. A Gin we have worked rigorously on for a long time. Striving to achieve our goal of making a Gin for all occasions. A fresh, deep and complex Organic Gin, sculpted with twelve botanicals.

Designed label for gin
Labels to Wet City Spirits


The second release from our Gothenburg distillery is an Organic Dry Gin. Amicitia is a Gin to be enjoyed with friends. Like the natural pairing of Gin to Tonic, Amicitia is for the times spent together. A fruity and vibrant Organic Dry Gin composed of ten botanicals, with lasting floral notes and a balanced palate.

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Photos: Darryl De Necker and Madison Simpson

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