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GDPR information

GDPR is a law that aims to protect the individual online and regulate the way in which companies are allowed to manage their personal data.

It is important to Boxon that our customers, suppliers and stakeholders feel confidence and reassurance about how we manage your personal data.

We manage all personal data with integrity and never disclose them to any third party, except if there is legitimate reasons, such as to be able to deliver products to a customer. Depending on the channel in which you came into contact with Boxon, we may have collected different data. In addition to the data that you have specified, we may have collected your IP address, business affiliation and any interest in our offer. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Boxon uses your personal data in order to compile statistics, as well as to be able to send you electronic mail (newsletters and surveys) about products, services, news and trends from Boxon. We may also use personal data for follow-up contact. We use cookies in order to obtain information about your IP address and how you navigate on our website. This information is mainly used for statistical purposes and to improve the experience for you as a visitor, customer and supplier on our website. Read more about our Cookie Policy.

We use the third-party service Apsis Pro for sending newsletters. It is Boxon who creates the newsletters and handles the personal data. The newsletters are sent out approximately every fourth/fifth week, and they contain information about our products, services, news and trends. Price notifications and other essential information that you may need in relation to our business relationship with you, does not count as newsletter content.

We use third-party supplier Survey Monkey for surveys. It is Boxon who creates the surveys and handles the personal data. Surveys are conducted once a year at most, and aim to improve our communication and offers for you who are interacting with Boxon.

You are free to unsubscribe from a newsletter or survey at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the page footer of a newsletter. When you download something from our website or send a request, you will be asked if you would like to receive newsletters from Boxon. If you answer no to that question, we will not add you to our mailing list. However, even if you answer no, you may already be on our mailing list, but you can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time via the Unsubscribe link in the page footer. You may be in our mailing list for Boxon’s newsletters if you have previously been in contact with Boxon, either by purchasing, requesting a quotation, interacting on any of our websites or coming in contact with us via other channels.

You will find more information about how we manage your contact details in our Privacy Policy. You can always contact us if you have questions or concerns about this; in this case, please send an email to gdpr@boxon.com.