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Automation & Integration

An efficient packaging flow creates direct competitive strength. By integrating automated packaging and labelling solutions in your business, we can help you with cost savings and increased value for your customers.

In automation projects with our customers, we analyse current products, inbound and outbound flows, work processes, brand requirements and general needs. In the next stage we look at various areas that could be improved in terms of productivity, efficiency and, eventually, profitability.

System-integrated packaging and labelling solutions

For many years, Boxon has been developing machines to package, protect, seal and label both products and packaging solutions. Based on our customers’ needs, we have taken this one step further and are now also offering system-integrated and customer-specific solutions, on three levels.

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Flexibility and optimisation are fundamental parameters for increased efficiency.

In-line Marking

Inline labelling and marking is all about improving the efficiency of all your production.

Material Handling

Machines and tools that make handling goods easier for your company. 

Software integration

Software integration between your business systems and machines guarantees reliability.   


Packaging, flows and sorting processes should be as ergonomically sound and efficient as possible. 

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Packaging Solutions

Increased profitability and optimized security with the right design, material and function.

Labelling & Traceability

Efficiency, better control and logistical benefits with intelligent labels and traceability.

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We cover all areas related to a packaging- and labelling solution.

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