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A focus on design

Label design is becoming increasingly important. Since the label often is part of the product, it needs to be highly recognisable. Our Design & Prepress department focuses on your design and profile to produce the labels that best reflect your brand. We offer unique labelling and marking concept solutions with a focus on design.

We can help you with label design, illustrations, visual identity and much more.

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Personalised printing and unique design

Create a unique design for each package. Make use of the advantages of variable graphics, text or codes. With our tools, the opportunities are limitless.

Design your own label

We give you the opportunity to design your own label with our simple design tool. You can choose from several different types of labels and sizes to suit your specific company.


Labels & Packaging

An attractive packaging solution can mean success for a brand, as the packaging is viewed more as an accessory than just a piece of wrapping.

If the final product has also been designed with a label that reflects the packaging, the brand and the positive initial response, the customer has a positive purchasing experience that can easily be passed on.


Materials and effects

We create labels in a variety of materials and with effects such as

  • Cold foil - An exclusive effect created by covering parts of the label in foil. Can be printed with silver or gold foil.
  • Holographic material - A highly refined paper that separates all the colours of the rainbow and gives a unique look to the product at every angle and lighting condition.
  • Wine label material -The thick, heavily textured paper labels are called wine bottle labels. Suitable for many types of products. The rugged surface gives an exclusive feel.
  • Laminate - Provides a highly scratch-resistant surface and an attractive effect. Available in gloss, matt and soft touch.
  • Varnish - Provides extra protection and an attractive effect. Varnish the entire label or parts of it to highlight different elements. Choose from a variety of matt and gloss options. Available as both printable and silicone-based.
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