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Here you can find interesting articles, tips and advice relating to everything within our offer; from packaging and labels to construction and logistics.

We are experts in finding innovative and sustainable solutions in packaging and we offer a wide range of products. If you have questions you are always welcome to contact us. Hope you will find inspiration and useful information here on our blog!

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5 reasons why you should use sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging - a way to work more environmentally conscious.

By using sustainable packaging, your company can protect nature at the same time as it is an important aspect for your environmental work.

We have listed 5 reasons why it may be important for your company to choose sustainable packaging.


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How does the packaging affect your brand?

The importance of impactful packaging - The first impression is important

The packaging is often the first thing that is seen, and it is therefore important that it gives a positive image and reflects the brand's image and values. A well-thought-out packaging design can be decisive in winning the customer's trust and loyalty.


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