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Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990 and is world-leading in flexible sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. Their flexible systems are used for cable sealing and pipe sealing in many demanding industries and projects worldwide, as the seals provide certified protection against several risks such as fire, gas, dust, water and pests.



The customer's challenges

We had our first meeting with Roxtec in January 2020. Roxtec told us that they needed help solving a ”bottleneck” problem in their packing process for outgoing goods. At the moment, every shipment took too much time. Our challenge was to create a packing station that would fit in the same place as the current one as well as ergonomic, safe and efficient.

It was also important for Roxtec to have a flexible solution with the capacity to handle increased volumes - both short- and long term. The solution also needed to be scalable and have the ability to be automated continuously.

quote_37x26.png We were dealing with a small packing station that was inefficient, manual and not very work environment-friendly. Considering the increasing number of packages to manage and the path of growth we are on, we needed to review how we could prepare for further expansion.”, says Annelie Petersson at Roxtec.

Boxon's solution

After our first meeting we developed a complete solution that met Roxtec’s demands, and that also would allow Roxtec to invest in different steps as they were growing. The solution included a semi-automatic strapping machine instead of doing it manually, integrated automatic tape machines instead of manual taping stations, and eventually an automatic sorting machine.

As a result, the entire packaging process became streamlined and more efficient, and the ergonomic conditions for Roxtec’s employees were significally improved.


quote_37x26.png Throughout the project, we felt that Boxon were able to absorb and understand our challenges very well. Boxon quickly understood our requirements and was able to present a customized solution that met our needs. We have appreciated Boxon's presence and dedication to continously adjust and improve the solution, through great communication. 

quote_37x26.png We are very pleased with the result! Today, we have a stationary packing station in place that is ergonomic, efficient and improves our ability to create value as well as helping us to be prepared for further growth”, says Annelie Petersson at Roxtec.


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