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Corrosion protection

BoxCor® is manufactured in accordance with the international DIN EN 9001/2008 and 14001:2008 quality standards and is certified for use within the automotive industry.

BoxCor® has several fantastic benefits, including:

  • Multi-metal protection
  • 15 years’ durability
  • Free from materials regulated by TRGS 615
  • Non-allergenic (no known cases are registered)
  • Free from nitrites and amines
  • Work environment friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Virtually odourless (coconut aroma)

If you are interested in knowing more about Boxcor®, please read the texts about Work environment, Manufacturing and Protect with BoxCor®.

BoxCor.JPG Watch the movie about BoxCor.

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More about Corrosion protection


Work environment

One of the major benefits of BoxCor® is the work environment friendliness. 



The plastics processing industry uses plastic pellets as raw material. The material is melted down and shaped into the desired product.


Protect with BoxCor®

The VCI coating evaporates from the material and condenses on the metal surface where it forms an invisible layer.

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