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Special packaging in wood

SDK Logistics is a dynamic business in a growth phase that provides all sorts of activities in the field of maritime transport, logistics, charters and serving Northern Europe’s cruise industries.

SDK Logistics is part of the USTC Group and, with the aid of a comprehensive global network, they can guarantee tailored service, support and advice in accordance with international conventions. This is combined with the friendly service that only a local contact can offer. 



Customer challenge

The partnership between SDK Logistics and Boxon began in 2013. Boxon was able to offer SDK a one-stop solution in terms of packaging material, from fast deliveries of Boxon’s standard items to totally unique solutions for SDK’s customers.

quote_37x26.png We’ve had projects and ongoing deliveries where large rolls of carpet had to be shipped to different end users. Large, heavy and very bulky rolls,” says Mia Erserum at SDK.

Special packaging in wood - SDK Logistics

Boxon’s solution

In this case, the solution was a wooden pallet with stop blocks trimmed at an angle to prevent the carpets from rolling off the pallet. Safe transport to avoid transport damage to the goods.

Another example of collaboration involves one of SDK’s customers having to ship large, heavy products all over the world. There is a major risk of rust, and the outer packaging has a large number of requirement specifications that need to be fulfilled. The solution was Intercept, which provides anti-rust protection, and specially built wooden packaging that is adapted to the different products to be transported.  

The biggest project that has been undertaken was to find an outbound and return flow of a load carrier for impact-sensitive products. There was a joint visit from Boxon’s sales and product specialists, at which many good preferences and requirements were discussed. A number of different prototypes were then produced, so that together we could choose the best solution, in terms of economic, environmental and functional aspects, i.e. the best product protection.

Packaging material for SDK Logistic

quote_37x26.png We´re really pleased with the partnership! 

Boxon is solution-oriented and comes to see us at short notice. Boxon´s representatives both listen and understand our needs, and we have a really good, close dialoque. Quick feedback from both sales and customer support at Boxon, which we appreciate.

Quite simply, a good business partner," concludes Mia Erserum. 


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