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Packaging Solutions

Packaging has developed to become an important part of the product. With the right material, design and function, packaging can protect the product, communicate the brand and reduce environmental impact. This creates new business opportunities and improved profitability for our customers. 

Full range of packaging solutions 

Good packaging enhances the purchasing experience. This applies not only to industrial companies, but also logistics companies and e-commerce. A complete, well thought-out packaging solution becomes a natural interface between sender and recipient. 

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Profiled packaging, special packaging and bulk handling 

Our product range includes 300 articles of standard packaging. Everything from archive boxes to e-commerce boxes with smart functions. And you’ll often find your solution among them.  

But demand for customised packaging is increasing as modern printing technology and equipment evolves. Nowadays, most challenges can be solved by both us and our customers applying some creativity. 

Boxon can currently offer the markets most comprehensive range of standard packaging, profiled packaging and special packaging in adapted volumes. In combination with labelling solutions and automated packing lines, we develop your packaging concept, adapted entirely to meet your unique needs. 

Bulk handling 

Many of our customers need to transport and store larger volumes of various base materials such as metal powders, chemical components or ingredients for the food industry. Boxon offers a wide range of Big Bags (FIBC). Here too, we can put together customised solutions based on the customer’s needs.  

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Packaging solutions for small and big needs

Design Packaging

The packaging combined with the total purchase experience becomes an important part of the communication.

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Customized Packaging

Out of an idea, a creative solution is created that meets your needs and requirements.

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An optimal, effective flow is fundamental for daily handling routines.

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Bulk Handling

The world of bulk handling is as individual as the products they are filled with. 

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