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Increased digitalisation with sales in multiple channels and demands for ever shorter delivery times are some of the challenges faced by most logistics companies nowadays. Consumers are demanding more and more choice, in both how a product is ordered and how it is then delivered. At Boxon, we have in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry’s needs and can offer intelligent packaging concepts that really do make a difference in your commercial world. 

Our undertaking is to help you to optimise the packaging flow and create opportunities for cost-efficient transport operations, so that you can guarantee uniform procedures.

Adapted solutions that streamline the packaging flow 

We streamline your packaging flow with a customer-specific order platform, global deliveries with local production and warehousing for “just-in-time” deliveries. With a range of customised automation solutions, your operations are easier to run.  

We offer efficient barcode solutions including software and create inbound and/or outbound hubs with a combination of software, printers, labels and support agreements in a cost-efficient total solution, in which you can choose all components or just those that you need.  

And of course, we also have everything you need on the packaging side. The packaging concepts include complete product solutions with customised design and construction, to safeguard transport operations and internal handling.


Special packaging in wood - SDK Logistics

The partnership between SDK Logistics and Boxon began in 2013. Boxon was able to offer SDK a one-stop solution in terms of packaging material, from fast deliveries of Boxon’s standard items to totally unique solutions for SDK’s customers.


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