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Customised e-commerce boxes

Two customised e-commerce boxes boosted Skapamer’s brand in a sustainable way. is one of Sweden’s largest and most popular webshops for crafts and hobbies. The store was founded in 2010 and has everything for those who love to create and craft. has a wide range for both adults and children, at very advantageous prices. and Boxon have been collaborating since 2018.




The customer’s challenge and collaboration with Boxon 

When Skapamer met Boxon four years ago, they mainly needed help in finding a more efficient way to package their goods. Many of their goods had special packaging needs, which made the work very time-consuming and less ergonomic for the employees who were responsible for the packing. 

quote_37x26.pngWe started to work on a solution together with Henrik at Boxon. We also made sure to engage our staff, and let them submit their input and wishes on how to improve the packaging process, says Sebastian Godoy, Warehouse Manager at Skapamer.

Together with Skapamer, Boxon took a look at the process at the various packing stations. Both parties agreed that, above all, too much time was spent on the actual packaging, and that the waste of material per package was unnecessarily large. The desire and importance of achieving a solution with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly mindset was also expressed – both in terms of the packaging, as well as when delivering the products


How Boxon solved the challenge 

Two different packaging solutions were tailored for Skapamer – a function box and an e-commerce box LM, both with Skapamer’s own logo. 

The function box, designed to be easily adapted to the size of the product, made it possible to pack many different types of goods in one and the same box. The flexible tape strip also removed any manual taping steps.  

The LM e-commerce box is designed to be easily folded from a single piece of corrugated cardboard into a finished, well-sealed box without additional sealing. The box was perfect for Skapamer’s craft range of smaller items. This packaging leaves virtually no corrugated cardboard waste. 

Before, Skapamer used somewhat complicated procedures in the packing room. Boxon was also able to help with this. New, more ergonomic and efficient processes and procedures, as well as a new flow chart, helped Skapamer to increase the number of packages/day in record time, from 120 packages per day/person to 131.

quote_37x26.pngAbove all, we want to highlight the collaboration, responsiveness, and communication that was outstanding from start to finish. Henrik and Boxon really listened to our needs, and came up with creative suggestions for solutions and ideas that all generated value for Skapamer. The fact that we also got our brand and logo on our boxes was the icing on the cake, and has created added value for our customers, says Sebastian Godoy at Skapamer.


What about sustainability?  

In addition to the significant reduction in the use of tape and corrugated cardboard, the new solutions led to a reduction in freight volumes both internally and externally. As the function box can be adapted in terms of size, it is always optimally filled with one or more products. This means that a package is sent containing minimal air. In terms of size, smaller packages mean less freight volume both externally and internally, as more boxes fit in the storage boxes during the packing process. 

Both boxes are also made from FSC-certified corrugated cardboard, which is kinder to the environment.   

Boxon advised Skapamer to plan its deliveries, reducing them from several times a week to only once a week, in order to reduce the environmental impact of CO2. Skapamer implemented this change. 

quote_37x26.pngWe could never have run such a successful project without so much commitment, communication, and passion from the team and  staff at Skapamer. It made all the difference. and helped me to help them identify their needs and implement the solutions that suited them best. It also made my job so much more fun and satisfying. Dream customer! Says Henrik Wickström, Account Manager at Boxon.

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