Labelling & Traceability

We have the label solution for you!

With labels, the possibilities of exposing your brand throughout the entire packaging flow are unlimited. Use them smartly and creatively, and you increase the exposure a thousand times.

A label has many functions. In addition to an appealing design, it should also contain intelligent information that creates logistical advantages and makes the product traceable. It should also be well thought out from a cost and environmental impact perspective.

We offer solutions for everything from small simple labels to global complete solutions for label management.

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Endless possibilities

We offer a wide range of different labels, techniques, materials and effects.
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Label management

Automated orderbased Label management saves time, cuts costs and improves security.

Profiled labels

The label is becoming increasingly important to profile your brand, and it must be possible to launch flexible and new ideas quickly.

Label production

In our label production we create the basis for intelligent labels. We highlight brands every day.

Design & Prepress

With a focus on design and profile, our Design and Prepress team produces the labels that best reflect your brand.

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