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Construction & Design

Our specialists in the Construction & Design department develop unique solutions, based on the customer's needs and requirements. The end-goal is a complete overlook and optimisation of the customer’s packaging flow. 

quote_37x26.png  Every week, we develop a large number of new packaging and label solutions.

A unique solution can often be the best alternative. Examples of this are when there's a need for a specific filling ratio, packaging time and delivery reliability. or when design, colour and choice of materials need to set the tone from a marketing perspective. 


 Benefits of Construction & Design 

  • A unique solution based on specific needs and wishes. A specially developed or customised solution that meets the customer's needs and requirements. 
  • The solution is developed by specialists and packaging technicians with extensive experience. 
  • We can always develop a unique solution, no matter the provided materials, drawings or available products. 
  • Complete control over the packaging drawings, labels and materials used for printing. 
  • We offer samples to double check the design and construction. 
  • We use 3D printers to make sure that the solution works as intended, when necessary. 
  • Legislation and industry regulations often require unique expertise, which is something we have.  
  • Optimal solutions reduce costs. 

From idea to solution 

We have extensive experience in both the packaging industry and the labelling and labelling industry. 

Our work method is simple — based upon an idea or a need, our constructors and designers produce the best solution for you. We develop creative and brand-enhancing packaging and labels for your business. Everything is produced in an optimal and efficient way using various cutting-edge printing technologies. 

Since we aren't required to use specific materials, we can develop the right solution for your needs.

Download our Construction & Design service sheets. 


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