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Boxon covers all areas relating to a packaging and marking solution, and we resolve our customers’ business challenges using products and services, as well as our knowledgeable, experienced employees.

Services that add value

We offer a number of services, which have been developed over the years to meet our customers’ needs and preferences, and our primary goal is to make everyday life easier and more efficient for our customers. This can involve anything from freeing up warehouse space to managing the entire label and
marking flow globally, and most things in between in a packaging process.

Our service portfolie adds value to the product solutions chosen by our customers and makes additional improvements to customers’ business processes. This is how we intend to build a long-term, secure partnership with our customers.

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We offer services within the following areas;

Stretch Film Tests

With our Stretch film Tests, we can identify savings of up to 50% for our customers.


Boxon is currently helping hundreds of customers by keeping products in stock for just-in-time deliveries.

Construction & Design

Every week, the Boxon Innovation Team creates more than one hundred construction and design proposals for customers.

Packing Instructions

With informative Packing Instructions, we make packing easier for many of our customers.

Global Label System

The Global Label System gives our customers total control over their labels and marking, wherever they are in the world.

Software Support

Things just have to work. Quick, efficient and competent support provides peace of mind. 

EDI integration

We work with our customers to streamline the link between our systems, in other words to avoid manual handling.

More offers

Packaging Solutions

Increased profitability and optimized security with the right design, material and function.

Labelling & Traceability

Efficiency, better control and logistical benefits with intelligent labels and traceability.

Automation & Integration

Cost improvements and increased value with integrated automation solutions.

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Please contact us if you have a request or wants to know more about our offer. We make sure the right person gets back to you. 


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