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In our packaging assortment you find boxes in all sizes, pallet boxes for transport, bags, postal packaging and a lot more.

Most of our corrugated cardboard boxes are FSC-approved, which means that the forest is guaranteed to grow and be handled responsibly.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council, is an international organization that works for the labelling of products that come from sustainable forestry. FSC is based on cooperation between different interests - economic (forest owners and forest companies), environmental (environmental organizations) and social (local people, indigenous people, employees). The certification ensures that the forest grows and is managed in a responsible manner that promotes biodiversity.

Boxon offers big bags for handling large volumes, when piece goods are not relevant. FIBC's so-called big bags are one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions for transporting and storing dry goods.

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More product categories

Product protection

Our product protection protects your products against rust and moisture.

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You will find products for both simple and more demanding sealing.

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Cargo securing

In our assortment of goods securing we offer everything for safe and secure freight handling. 

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Boxon is a leading supplier in the systematic handling of labels and labelling.

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Packaging machines

Machines required to provide a more efficient packaging chain.

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