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If you have limited warehouse space, Boxon’s Warehousing service is the best way to make warehouse space, capital and resources available for the core business. We can help reduce warehousing costs for packaging materials, money that is better spent elsewhere in the business.

quote_37x26.png Boxon is currently helping hundreds of customers by keeping products in stock for just-in-time deliveries.

Boxon’s Warehousing service offers businesses with customer-specific products the opportunity to store them at Boxon’s premises.

Choose between two different alternatives; Warehousing Standard or Premium.

  • Warehousing Standard

Boxon keeps the customer’s products in stock, at an agreed volume, for a limited time, for maximum of
6 months. We create a joint agreement on call-off frequency, minimum volume, etc.

  • Warehousing Premium

Boxon keeps the customer’s products in stock, at an agreed volume, for a 3-month and 12-month period respectively, with new conditions and parameters being defined for the subsequent period. Call-off plan and service level are customised according to needs and preferences, and are managed during the period by experts from Boxon in dialogue with the customer.
Once a quarter the service is evaluated and adapted in line with any changes in the business and
adjusted accordingly. This can involve anything from volumes to lead times.


Benefits of warehousing

  • Lower warehousing costs
  • Improved cash flow – you only pay for the product when you use it
  • More warehouse space available for the core business
  • Reduced or negligible warehouse administration
  • Reduced risk of surplus stock and obsolescence
  • Improved monitoring of stock and higher availability

Download the Warehousing Service sheet.

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