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Global Label System - Tracy

The Global Label System - Tracy, consists of a cloud-based order platform supplemented by labels. The solution works for all companies who want full control over their labelling and marking.

quote_37x26.png  The Global Label System Tracy gives our customers total control over their labelling and marking, wherever they or their producers are in the world.

The products are traceable from the moment they are ordered and wherever in the world they are manufactured, all the way via distributor to warehouse.

Boxons offer

Our system Tracy enables us to work together with our customers to design a totally automated label management solution that enhances the value of the packaging flow from order to delivery. The solution suits all type of companies that has a need for an efficient and qualitative order- and labelling process. Especially companies with geographically dispersed operations will gain a great value using the Tracy concept.

The core is a web platform that can communicate directly with business systems via different interfaces. As the print engine operates via the web platform, fast and correct printing is guaranteed with the exact layout, variable information and barcode.

Choose between 2 different alternatives;

  • Global Label System, In-house
    With our cloud-based platform, the customer controls the label layout and information, wherever in the world the printing will take place. The company operates its own printers in-house.

  • Global Label System, Outsourcing (Converting workshops)
    The customer controls the label layout and information, but Boxon operates the printers and makes sure that the right labels are delivered to the right recipient.

See the movie about Tracy.


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