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Global Label System

The Global Label System consists of a cloud-based order platform supplemented by labels. The solution works for all companies who want full control over their labels and marking.

quote_37x26.png  The Global Label System gives our customers total control over their labels and marking, wherever they or their producers are in the world.

The products are traceable from the moment they are ordered and wherever in the world they are manufactured, all the way via distributor to warehouse.

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labelicon.jpgTracy Partner Login

Manage and follow your label orders, track deliveries and much more via Baghera's partner web interface.

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Segments where our customers are

The industrial sector

We know that there are both complex and specific challenges for different industrial sectors.

Trading companies

When understanding the consumers' behaviour, distributors and trading companies can win huge benefits.

The logistics industry

Many companies will integrate their logistical flow into their own business as the requirements increase.

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